gnarled and twisted trees
alone and yet together
in the soft, gray mist.

lightning split dual tree
shoots emerge: one emerald green.
one deadwood.

winter washed Earth corpse
wrapped in snow shroud. clean white bones
blind sky. deaf-mute clouds.

stony white boned fields
anemic sky bled of hue
cold sun burning grass.

granules of hard snow
conjured milk from witches’ tits
hold breath’s spellbound ghost.

star-shine distant-dim
reflects on fresh falling snow
night’s glows reflects day.
GREAT PEAK// small mountain
mother and child shawled in snow
holding up the sky.

smooth snow summits lilt
into gauzy cloud streamers
blue separates blue.

You sing to my soul
hoary haired Grandmother Peak
hunch-backed /guardian /friend

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