Not a creature was stirring; neither cat, rat nor mouse.

The great outdoor world was soaked through and through

With sleet and rain and a sprinkling of dew.

So back to bed go the kitties snug as bugs in a row,

Dreaming of catnip and tuna flake snow.

When up on the roof there arose such a clatter,

Cats sprang from their beds to see what was the matter!

They dash to the window as quick as a flash,

Then check out the closet, the kitchen and bath.

Eyes dilate wide to let in the light

Though it’s only the moon shining ever so bright.

Ears perk up in wonder as whiskers all twitch,

On the roof paw prints patter so lively and quick!

Up to the attic cats follow the noise;

Max, Diva and Pun’kin tiptoe around toys

Discarded in boxes packed up to the wall:

Dollies and plush bears and a big yellow ball.

Like dry twigs that scratch on a window’s thin pane,

The pitter pats tap with the soft falling rain.

Then in a twinkling through a hole in the wall

Pop out the roof rats and their leader, Big Moll.

They look at the cats and scatter like leaves

Blown all around by a cool autumn breeze.

Big Moll stands her ground and strikes a mean pose,

She’s plump and she’s gray from her nose to her toes.

She glances around for something to eat

(Kitty cat food is a special rat treat).

Rats race to the door but the kitties are quick.

They head them all off lickety split.

Rats run all around and kitties do, too.

Then rats hop into boxes and stay out of view.

Pun’kin jumps on a box, knocks it down to the floor.

Out spill the toys and gray rats galore.

Diva growls as she pounces the closest fat rat,

He slaps at her nose then hides under a mat.

Max chases the rats back to their hole

Then pittery pat, down the drainpipe they go.

The sun’s coming out, it’s the end of the rain.

Cats are exhausted, it’s an energy drain

Chasing roof rats out of the house

(They’re so much meaner than a teeny gray mouse).

So House Panther and Tiger, Lap Lion all go

Back to bed and dream of tuna flake snow!


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