Wrapped up in blue paper,
Tied with gold thread
And garnished with green.
Open the lid—it’s filled with promise.
Put thought into motion/actualize dreams.

Breathe in and breathe out,
That takes no effort.
What you do with your words
Ripples through worlds.
Stretch out your hands
And fill them with sunlight
It’s real/it’s intangible,
Like luster of pearls.

Taste the wide wind
The flavor is subtle,
A fragrance so sweet that it melts into sound.
Peel back the hurricane—
The roar of commotion,
And listen to silence settling down.
Step into the light/find a place in the shadows,
The light’s dark and dampened,
The shadows are bright.
Embrace this day—it’s a transient moment.
It’s also eternal, an elegant balance:
The resplendence of day with the solace of night.

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