Sing of joy and love,
They bless each breath
That is a prayer
And promise from above.

They steadied you along life’s path,
Sheltered beneath their wings.
They shared the laughter and the tears
Life’s cycle always brings.

And now as shadows gray the day
They come in lambent light,
To gather you home in encircling arms
Before the fall of night.

The angels woke you with a kiss
And helped you to your feet,
As you walked the final, soundless steps
Your Beloved at last to greet.

Angels unlatched the garden gate
And held it open wide,
As they had in life, so at life’s end
They guided you inside.
The gate snapped shut, we cannot see
Behind the latticed wall,
The day seems dreary, veiled in tears
Hung like a somber pall.

But if we listen, we will hear
The morning angels sing.
They fill our hearts with memories
And promises of spring.

Published in Poems