close your eyes//we’ll meet again
in another spring.

pink-white-frill blossoms
beribbon grandmother trees’
gnarl-twisted branches.

butterflies startle
shadows to sunlit flight; light
spills thru flitting leaves.

crabapple trees swirl
pink-beruffled petticoats
whirl in windy dance.

angora-gray clouds
wash down thickly matted earth
with bristly cat tongue.

light finger of snow
traces breasts of earth: mountains
heave against soft sky.quickening of green
on tessellating branches:
lilac dreams lilac.

pregnant with promise
peach tree swells baby-doll pink
births green budding spring.

whipped cream clouds above
plums blossom at eye-level,
tattered snow below.

baby tight fists//buds
hold tight to trembling branches
hail rattles hard ground.

fresh green bursts through husks
dry jack ‘o lantern orange clings
stubborn to aged trees.

pine immutable
fruit trees change dresses, undress
strip skeletal bare.

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