Of all God’s great gifts
The one most sublime
Is the simplest blessing:
The gift of pure time.
It’s a blessing to greet
Each dawning new day,
To savor sweet sunlight
In November or May;
Whispering thanks
Each exhalation of breath,
Standing amazed
At night’s star brilliant depth.

Like a string of rare pearls
On chains silver and fine,
The years are a tapestry
Of God given time:
With moments for joy, moments to raise
Our voices to join the Seraphim’s praise.
I ask that God bless you,
And turn His dear face
To shine down upon you
With Heavenly Grace.
I pray that the blessing
Of a long, well lived life,
Continue to bless you
With simple delights:

Breath in the morning,
Sugared with light,
Joy in the evening
With gentling night.

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