The best time of my life?
It’s now—it’s today!
No point in regretting
What the wind swept away.
Tomorrow’s a dream, a net flung so vast
It’s tangled with wishes
That may not come to pass.

What’s real is this moment
It’s abundantly clear
I should live it with joy,
Not jitter with fear.

Whether fearful or not,
My joints will still ache,
The ceiling may crack,
Leaves beg to be raked.
I can grimace and bear it
I can shrug it away
Or fling my arms wide
And embrace this new day.

Wish I had something to say that was new,
I’m writing each day till my fingers are blue
Polishing phrases and scrubbing at words
I feel just like Sisyphus—it’s not absurd.
But I’m happy to finally be spending my time
Writing, rewriting with an occasional rhyme.
I hope this finds you in health and good cheer
Enjoy peace and joy all through the year!

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