How can you stopper a hole in your heart?
Use a cork or a plug of chewed gum?

How can you mend the raw, jagged edge
When your heart has been ripped out and torn?

Tape won’t adhere, and string will not hold
To tie it together again.

It’s broken and trampled and bleeding and cold.
You wish it were made out of tin.

For a tin heart won’t break
And a tin heart won’t bleed,

Once soldered it’s made watertight.
It’s as good as new with a turn of a screw
And once again silverine bright.
But a human heart bleeds
Because it has loved,

And remembers and cannot forget:
Sun netted in eyes, a milky way smile
And a hand always willing to give.

The memories cut, they jaggedly tear
And they trouble the turbulent night.

Yet memories are the reason we live
For they soothe the harsh edges of life.

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