a single slice of bread,

I give thanks for the pillow

on which I lay my head.

Breathing in//breathing out//standing on two feet//

eliciting a smile or nod from strangers that I meet.

I’ll surrender my humbug self

and fill my heart with light

Till it becomes a gleaming mirror

that glimmers in the night.

I’ll be a door that opens wide, a stiles that overlaps

a stout stone wall with wide, smooth steps

to let a wayfarer pass.

Let me perceive that I receive

much more than I can give,

let me be overwhelmed with awe

for this, the life I live.

Some days the sun is scalding hot,

or rainstorms sweep away

the shadows I’ve been chasing

through a long and harrowing day.

When evening comes and all is still

My scrutinizing sight

acknowledges small gifts excel

every daily blight.

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