Collywobbles twitterpate as foudroyant fumnabulist toes
a wire swayed by favorian breeze as willowaw garboils, blows
welkin to crepuscular brume, grimalkin-gray this bosky lea,
too panglossian to be atribulous, he hums a chansonette, proceeds—
tumescent boodle’s badinage
burbles bromides and brickbats,
piffling their dithyramb, a nimiety of bafflegab.

A florilegium of psittacism,
catawampus rodomontade
to wordmongers comme toi or moi
this lobglolly of persiflage,

is aubade or mere blatherkite, though fusty farceurs pen a squib
mistology or witherskins, it all depends on boffin’s glib
amphigory disambiguates all foofaraw and taradiddle,
consider this a lagniappe and not a panegyric twiddle—
a desdiderum for the mot juste, no tautology or ignis fattus,
a riposte for archaic words currently sans status.

Published in Poems