I know I am molded of stardust and dreams
And that I am oh so much more than I seem.
I’m energy woken uniquely to life—
Although I am spirit, it seems that in spite
Of my rational mind, my sadness and mirth
I’m also deep rooted in the fabric of Earth.
I cannot deny this primordial state
Or my blissful delight as I savor cheesecake!

Now make no mistake—I give thanks for this life
Once in the morning and again in the night
But nothing quite resonates bliss and delight
As a slice of cheesecake topped with cream
Whipped just right.

Do the angels who peer from their dizzying heights
Simmer with envy at our human plight?
God surely draws near as we partake
Of a generous slice of cherry cheesecake!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Marlene and Jim

Published in Poems