Two Angels came in the first blush of night:
One sooty and ragged, one shining and white.
We embrace the white angel with flowing gold hair;
We’d drive off the dark one, if only we’d dare.
Both angels bring blessings for hope and for peace,
For gifts unexpected and troubles’ surcease.
We take the sweet balm that the light angel brings,
Health, joy and happiness – the riches of kings.
We spurn the grime that the dark angel gives
As if it could poison this life that we live.
But buried in grime is the strength to endure,
The patience and hope that all ills have a cure.
The white angel’s sweetness can soothe a sharp sting,
But it won’t heal the heartache life’s obstacles bring.
Persistence, the power to rise from the dust,
To polish our hopes though they’re tainted with rust
Can only be found in the grit and the grime
Of the dark angel’s gift through the passage of time.

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