God’s laughter is the laughter
Of a carefree child.
God’s song is in the rainbow
Spun from cloud to cloud.
God’s name is in the life breath
That every being exhales.
God’s face is on the crimson sky
Before the sunset pales.
The calligraphy of roses
Is written in God’s hand,
And the warmth of the west wind
Knitting ocean against sand.
In the twilight of the morning,
In the gathering of night,
In these quiet times His voice resounds
In whispers light as light.
We say we cannot know Him
Or name His many ways
They are so far beyond us
They’re galaxies away.
Yet when two pairs of eyes meet
And strangers share a smile,
God’s presence overshadows them
And lingers all the while.
We cannot understand Him
(these thoughts they may console)
But we overlook His splendor
In the wonder of a rose.
And we yearn for Him to guide us
To an everlasting land
When this world is filled with Presence
Both minutely small and grand.
We ask that night be lifted
So we may gaze upon the light
When all the while we’re only
Blinded by our sight.

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